Social Commitment
The Ramana Gounder Medical Trust Hospital (established in 1977) is today for poor people, offering free services in primary child health care, maternity and family planning. The hospital employs eight doctors and 17 paramedical staff, and has such facilities as ECG, operation theatre, X-Ray, clinical lab, besides wards and rooms.

The trust also conducts comprehensive medical camps in rural areas and is actively involved in the community and preventive medicine activities. Childcare and maternal care camps are conducted on a routine basis for the under previlleged sections of the community.

The Texmo Group of Companies is deeply committed to bettering its stance in the international market through excellence in quality, technology and service. The group looks ahead to a future where it will be able to unearth possibilities and there by create a better community.

Ramana Gounder Medical Trust and Hospital was founded to primarily lend quality medical care to underprivileged people in areas surrounding Tudiyalur and other places. Over the years, the centre has become a quality medical care centre for treating congenital disorders such as juvenile diabetes and Thallessemia.

A variety of activities go on at the Hospital. These include offering nutritional diets to malnourished children, free vaccination programmes, to name a few.

In order to be able to continue making a difference to its immediate community, RGMT is on the lookout for volunteers who can spend an hour or two every week. Activities can be in the form of story telling sessions, learning programmes for young children, etc.